Indoor Herbs

Yesterday I went to Mulhalls in Omaha, Nebraska to check out their selection of herbs. I’m going to keep a mini-herb garden in my house this winter. I ended up buying lavender, bay and rosemary. Now our house smells absolutely wonderful!

‘Goodwin Creek’ Lavender – This type of lavender is not a perennial in Iowa so it must be brought inside each winter.

‘Emerald Wave’ Sweet Bay – I read that the best herb to keep potted indoors is a bay plant. That way you can pick a leaf every time you make soup.

‘Barbecue’ Rosemary – I love the smell of rosemary.

It sounds like I will really have to watch the lavender and the rosemary to ensure they do not dry out. Both prefer humid air and like being misted. Bay needs to dry out between waterings.



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