Mulhalls Terrariums Seminar

Today I went to Mulhalls again for a seminar on Terrariums. From their website: “Bring the beauty of a living ecosystem right to your desk or table top with a terrarium garden! Seasonal Plants associate, Justine Baldwin, will share everything you need to know to design and create several different styles of terrariums in a variety of containers. Whether you prefer a woodland scene, a desert look, or a tropical oasis, Justine will demonstrate the basics of layering soil types, choosing and installing plants, and maintaining your little world as it grows and changes. She’ll also talk about adding decorative details such as stones, moss, or miniature garden pieces for a fun and personal touch.”

IMG_9923 IMG_9928 IMG_9927 IMG_9924 IMG_9925  IMG_9964 IMG_9965 IMG_9966

It was pretty interesting to listen and see what she came up with during her live demo of creating four terrariums. I’m probably not going to make one right away but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for an interesting glass vase that I can use to make one someday! Their next event is a Seed Starting Seminar on March 7th.


Flower Farm: Floret Flowers

If you love beautiful photography and flowers, then you have to checkout Floret Flowers. Follow their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for endless inspiration. You can buy items from their online store like seeds, bulbs and tools. I just can’t get enough of them or the images they create! Beautiful.


In addition to the Skillshare calligraphy class I took with Molly Jacques, I’ve also taken some other amazing classes.

Lettering for Designers: One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time with Jessica Hische

Brand Identity: Design Adaptable Branding Systems with Paula Scher

The Possibilities of Instagram: Sharing Your Best Photos with Tyson Wheatley 

Skillshare Ad

And many many more. If you would like to create a Skillshare account start here. Follow Skillshare on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Photography: Des Moines

A few years ago I participated in the Scott Kelby Photo Walk. We walked around downtown Des Moines, walked through the Farmers Market and went in West End Salvage. Here are some beautiful photos of Des Moines that I took that day. Can you tell I love Des Moines yet? It’s the perfect mix of old and new and I think this post really shows that.

IMG_0344 IMG_0351 IMG_0356  IMG_0367 IMG_0366 IMG_0368 IMG_0370 IMG_0373 IMG_0403 IMG_0422 IMG_0428 IMG_0444 IMG_0446 IMG_0456 IMG_0458 IMG_0462 IMG_0468 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0480 IMG_0498 IMG_0513 IMG_0522 IMG_0525 IMG_0538

Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy

The first time I attempted to try to write something with a calligraphy nib I’m pretty sure I was holding it backwards. I honestly had no clue what I was doing and I could never really find a great resource for learning what to do. Several months ago I came across a Skillshare class called “Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy” by Molly Jacques. Molly explains exactly what to do, what pen nibs/ink to buy and where to buy it from along with providing practice sheets to use with tracing paper until you get the hang of it. Absolutely hands down the most informational and useful online class I’ve ever taken. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all of the videos at least three times. This class comes highly recommended from me!

Here is an example of my calligraphy work (scanned and digitally enhanced) since taking this class.

Summer Calligraphy

I pay $10 per month to be a Skillshare member so I can watch as many tutorials per month that I would like. Follow Molly’s Blog, Instagram and Pinterest. She is absolutely amazing!