Mulhalls Terrariums Seminar

Today I went to Mulhalls again for a seminar on Terrariums. From their website: “Bring the beauty of a living ecosystem right to your desk or table top with a terrarium garden! Seasonal Plants associate, Justine Baldwin, will share everything you need to know to design and create several different styles of terrariums in a variety of containers. Whether you prefer a woodland scene, a desert look, or a tropical oasis, Justine will demonstrate the basics of layering soil types, choosing and installing plants, and maintaining your little world as it grows and changes. She’ll also talk about adding decorative details such as stones, moss, or miniature garden pieces for a fun and personal touch.”

IMG_9923 IMG_9928 IMG_9927 IMG_9924 IMG_9925  IMG_9964 IMG_9965 IMG_9966

It was pretty interesting to listen and see what she came up with during her live demo of creating four terrariums. I’m probably not going to make one right away but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for an interesting glass vase that I can use to make one someday! Their next event is a Seed Starting Seminar on March 7th.


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