These beauties have been cheering up my kitchen this week! Picked from our yard.

IMG_1742 IMG_1743


Yard Update

There are lots of things going on in our yard right now. Our clematis is going nuts!

IMG_1662 IMG_1664

Dahlias are starting to peek out of my newly laid landscape fabric and drip-line.IMG_1678 IMG_1681

My new (last year) lilacs are blooming for the first time.IMG_1685

Sneak peek at a big project coming up. Any guesses on what the project is?IMG_1686 IMG_1688

My new (last year) Azalea blooming!


There is usually a dog around here somewhere, sometimes clean looking but mostly not.IMG_1693

Usually looking puzzled.


Peonies are about to explode!


Annuals in pots are getting established and taking off.IMG_1708 IMG_1709


My favorite time of year!