A Year of Dahlias

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A Year of Dahlias

After the risk of frost has passed, it is time to plant dahlia tubers. There are many varieties to choose from which can range from small to dinner-plate sized blooms. One great online resource for purchasing dahlias is Swan Island Dahlias. It can be expensive your first year or as you add new varieties to your patch. However, each dahlia tuber will multiply year after year giving you more and more tubers!


Instead of waiting for your tubers to multiply you can also plant tubers in pots and take cuttings from the leaves of small plants as they grow.IMG_0782

A great way to keep the weeds down is to lay landscape fabric down and burn holes at 18 – 24″ spacing prior to planting. Always make sure to label your dahlias so you can keep track of your expanding collection!

IMG_1678 IMG_1681

It’s important to stake your dahlias as the weight of the blooms combined with strong winds can topple your plants. IMG_2494

I think the first blooms of the year are always the most exciting!

IMG_2604 IMG_2605

Healthy looking dahlia plants that are ready to bloom!


A Purple Gem ready to pop!

IMG_3406 IMG_3410

My dahlia patch mid-season and full of blooms.

IMG_6662 IMG_4059 IMG_2826

Dahlias make stunning cut flowers but only last a few days in a vase.

IMG_2911-0 IMG_3016 IMG_3218

In late fall, wait until the first killing frost has turned your dahlia plants black and make sure to give them a few days to die completely. Then trim off the plants from the tubers leaving 4-6″ of main stem attached.


Dig up each tuber and store in wood shavings in a warm (not freezing), dry place for next spring! IMG_3578

You’ll be able to divide each tuber in the spring before planting again.


Dahlias are my absolute favorite!


6 thoughts on “A Year of Dahlias

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  2. Hi Melissa! Question for you, approx what size holes did you make in the landscape fabric for your dahlias? And did you like the hole size in the end or could they have been bigger or smaller for your plants? I’m planning on doing my dahlias like yours and have found info on Floret Flowers website about 2.5″ holes for their 12″ plant spacing and they say bigger holes for their 12-24″ plant spacing but don’t give a hole size 😦 Your suggestions are super appreciated! Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haley –
      Thanks for your question! I’ve been spacing my holes about 18″apart for dahlias. I used my same 9″ template (but skip holes) and create approximately 2.5″ holes. Then I go back and burn them slightly larger. They are probably more like 4-5″.


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