Charcoal and Dry Pastels

New charcoal drawings from a few weeks ago. My favorite medium!

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I recently discover dry pastels. I really prefer these over oil pastels as they blend much nicer and are easier to work with. They don’t allow for a lot of detail but these nice natural round shapes were the perfect subject! I finally scanned them in this week to share.

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Vases and More

I had a lot of days off of work recently for the holidays as I was able to spend some time throwing in my pottery studio along with completing a glaze firing. These pots had been glazed and waiting to be fired for some time so it was nice to finally finish some projects. This glaze firing took around 9 hours and 30 minutes to reach Cone 7 (cone 6 clay/glaze fired to cone 7). I purchase my clay and glazes at Dick Blick Art Materials in Omaha because it’s too convenient not to have to pay shipping. I have no plans to someday mix my own glazes, I would much rather spend more time throwing clay because that is the best part! I was pretty happy with the results of this firing.

IMG_6757 2 IMG_6758

I’m going to need a lot of vases for all of my flower arrangements this summer!


I learned a lesson with this butter dish. I was worried about trapping too much air inside of it if I fired it flat on the shelf so I propped up one edge on an extra kiln leg. It ended up deforming slightly so next time I will use three kiln legs to evenly prop it up at the same height. Hopefully then it will stay a true circle.