Hawaii – First Two Days

We spent the first week of February in Hawaii enjoying beautiful weather, white sandy beaches, ocean waves and a whole lot of sunshine. We landed on Oahu on January 30 and spent most of our trip there, except for a short trip to Maui mid-week.

Day 1: The view flying into Honolulu from our plane.

2016-01-30 20.46.08 2016-01-30 20.46.15 2016-01-30 20.50.39 2016-01-30 20.51.33 2

Day 2: I found a Hawaiian state flower right away, a yellow hibiscus! 2016-01-31 09.48.05 2

We visited a private military beach on Day 2. Stunning views!

2016-01-31 12.12.54 2 2016-01-31 12.13.12 2 IMG_6817 IMG_6824 IMG_6847 IMG_6848 IMG_6851 IMG_6855 IMG_6856 IMG_6857 IMG_6860 IMG_6864 IMG_6868 IMG_6878 IMG_6879 IMG_6880 IMG_6883 IMG_6885 IMG_6889 IMG_6890 IMG_6896 IMG_6900 IMG_6901 IMG_6905 IMG_6911

These were taken driving back from the beach.

IMG_6921 IMG_6925


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