Air Plant Spa Day, Outside!

We had our bath outside yesterday in the beautiful weather we have had in Iowa the last few days. 


How do I take care of air plants?


I got my first air plant (Tillandsia) in December of 2015 and now it’s having a baby (pictured below) so I must be doing something right! Here is how I have been taking care of my air plants so far. I’m continuously learning so please share any additional advice!



Each week I soak all of my air plants in water. I fill up a pot of room temp water in the sink and drop them in. The length of time I let them soak really depends on how much time I have. Sometimes its five minutes and other times much longer. I have so many now that they have to take turns in the bath so it really just depends on how much time I have. I have read that you MUST soak/spray them in the morning as doing it an night will slowing suffocate them. I might start lightly misting them with a spray bottle in the mornings to supplement their once a week baths.


I’ve read that it’s important to use certain types of water but I just use our well water out here on the farm and they seem happy.



I keep my air plants in a bright room but out of direct sunlight.



I spray my air plants with special food that I found at Hinterland Trading. I follow the directions on the spray bottle which say to use once per month in addition to regular waterings.


I remember hearing that you have to wait until the ‘baby’ is 1/3 the size of its mom before you can separate the plants. Make sure not to separate them too early!


I have a few that are blooming right now. Some were blooming when I bought them and others have bloomed after I brought them home.


There are so many different kinds!

IMG_7714IMG_7713IMG_7751IMG_7744 IMG_7739IMG_7701

It’s safe to say that I am addicted to air plants!

Tillandsia Bromeliad

I also got this Tillandsia Bromeliad from Mulhall’s last weekend. It’s the only Tillandsia (air plant) that is potted. I read that you are supposed to mist the leaves instead of soaking the plant like I do my other air plants. It sounds like a cross between an air plant and a bromeliad. It has this BEAUTIFUL bloom right now that is supposed to last for months!

IMG_7501 IMG_7502 IMG_7503